Professional High Speed Hair Dryer
Professional High Speed Hair Dryer
Professional High Speed Hair Dryer
Professional High Speed Hair Dryer
Professional High Speed Hair Dryer
Professional High Speed Hair Dryer
Professional High Speed Hair Dryer
Professional High Speed Hair Dryer

Professional High Speed Hair Dryer

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HL9 electric hair dryer is standard plug, we will send suitable adaptor plug if needed. Please note the rated voltage of the Dryer is 220V, you may not be able to use it if your local electric supply is 110V.

Unique C-shaped air outlet shape

100,000 rpm high-speed motor, coordinated with the C-shaped air outlet, the airflow is blown diffuse and powerful, Compared to the concentrated airflow, the diffuse airflow has less pressure on the scalp and higher drying efficiency and better performance. Take care of the sensitive scalp, strengthen the hair roots.

360 degree rotating nozzle concentrators
The concentrator nozzle directs the airflow to reduce hair flying off, meet your long hair and curly hair needs.
You can design your own hairstyle at home and be your own hairdresser.

Negative ion hair care

The tens of millions of negative ions emitted by the strong air flow penetrate the scalp and hair, neutralize static electricity, reduce friction, smooth out frizz and soften hair.

100,000 rpm digital motor

ZHIBAI create an advanced motor V-max with a diameter of 29mm and about 100,000 revolutions per minute, which is 5-6 times that of ordinary hair dryer motors, and improves the efficiency of hair drying.
Compared with the straight ordinary hair dryer in the past.
100,000 r/min digital motor
13 pieces Aviation grade aluminum metal impeller
15L/S Strong pressurized airflow

Double magnetic suction nozzle

The air pressure multiplication technology matches the negative ion technology, which effectively neutralizes the positive charge in the hair and reduces the static electricity in the hair.

12 kinds blowing modes

The innovative variable frequency air temperature function can automatically control the blowing time of hot and cold air to tighten hair scales and reduce scalp discomfort or hair damage caused by excessive temperature.
Three buttons and one switch
①Wind speed adjustment(High , medium , low)
②Wind temperature adjustment(Cold, warm, hot)
③Frequency conversion air temperature key(Hot and cold circulating wind)

Change mode according to hair quality and volume

High hair volume: Hot air + high-end wind speed mode
Medium hair volume: Warm wind + mid-range wind speed mode
Low hair volume: Variable frequency wind temperature + mid-range wind speed mode

Intelligent thermostat technology

Use glass bead thermal sensor intelligent temperature monitoring to control the constant temperature of the heater to prevent the hair from being damaged by high temperature.

Customer Reviews

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Ervin Feeney


Paris Weimann

Came courier delivery to the apartment, ordered on August 26, September 3 already brought. Packing is whole, hair dryer too, complete set. Had time with the girl once to dry the hair, while the impression is pleasant, maybe then I'll add a review. But you can order boldly.

Carmine Hills

I love this hair dryer! It is so good. When I use a regular hair dryer my hair tends to be frizzy in high humidity and this does not dry it out. I am thoroughly impressed. Also my daughter used to fight me about drying her hair and this one dries the hair so quickly and is so quiet. 02 May 2021 13:38

Madaline Johns